Are you tired of the same old cliché ideas of adventure? Does a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant or a walk to the museum sound too worn out? If so, don’t stress out because you have come to the right place!

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Treat yourself to the challenge aura piled up with puzzles and mysteries of Escape Games At The River. Their perplexing puzzles are presented in a layout that is stacked up with thrill as well as adventure.

This befuddling rollercoaster ride of hidden mysteries will effortlessly play with all your physiological horizons. You, along with your best buddies, will be forced to think outside the ceaseless box! Additionally, the five distinctively themed escape rooms are custom designed to suit every family gathering or occasion.

This mesmerizing escape room center is situated in Rancho Mirage, CA, just a 15-minute drive from the famous Palm Springs. Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs are an extensively renowned tourist attraction. They house delightful destinations to enchant the travellers and the locals. The perfect vacation vibes are facilitated with quintessential hotels, opulent golf courses, captivating tennis fields, and many more.

In this never-ending list of fun and adventurous Palm Springs activities, Escape Games at The River are just the perfect destination to kick-start your weekend! Want to know more about these live adventure Escape Games At The River? If yes, then continue reading further.

All About Escape Games  At The River 


Escape Games At The River is an exuberant gaming center located in 71800 CA-111 suite a-210, Rancho Mirage, California, 92270, United States. This one-of-a-kind escape room platform has been delivering unrivaled and extravagant escape room experiences since November 2016.

This escape from the center has successfully amalgamated all the perfect elements, such as spellbinding visual effects, bewildering ambiance, baffling storylines, and a lot more.

Their ebullient combination flawlessly renders an action-packed 60-minute live-adventure that leaves the players awestruck. They have five different themed escape rooms accessible to the contenders. If you visit this escape room center, it is a guarantee that you will have the best time of your life! Not only are you confined in an enclosed room agglutinated with vigorous puzzles, but these riddles also give a dopamine surge at every turn. You also get to learn numerous beneficial life skills through their breakout games.

Escape Rooms At The River is situated in the heart of the prominent Coachella Valley. The escape room center has derived its name from The River. It is substantially renowned for seven magnificent restaurants that are loved by travelers. Additionally, its location is a cherry on the top, literally! It is surrounded by lush stores like Forever 21, a dramatic and sensational Century Theaters, the mouth-watering Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Parlor, and the list goes on and on.

They also offer several mobile escape games that are perfect for the convenience of participants. You can call or visit their website mentioned above to confirm your bookings.

Visit here to experience a perfect blend of enigma and excitement. Just get your hands on the passes today!

Let us now have a look at their remarkably awesome escape room games. 


You are required to sail with your mates and defeat the rising tides of the restless ocean before you drown inside the infinite depth. Your challenge will be to put 2 and 2 together to survive the gruesome punishment of island Gods. Conquer the intensity of the fire and get ready to defeat the cursed skull Island before you are stuck there forever. Try your luck at Escape Games At The River this weekend!

Price: $35 per person

Players: 2-8


You are taken to the 1945 European era. Along with your group of gangsters, you are set out to invade the train loaded with valuable antiques before it leaves for Berlin. This train is on the Bahnhof 13 military railway station and has the most precious artifacts. Your challenge is to break into as many cargo crates and snatch whatever collectibles that you can.

Will you be able to hit the jackpot of your life, or is your fate miserable? Find out today and visit Escape Games At The River.

Price: $35 per person

Players: 2-12


Get your hands on the enchanted mystical antique of the cursed tower of Dragon’s Spire.

You have to be extremely cautious because this is the only key that will take you to the realm’s salvation. But beware! You only have 60 minutes, or the drugged guards will pick up awareness, and you will be sentenced to a cruel death.

Can you fathom the victory? Come along with your companions and find out!

Price: $35 per person

Players: 2-8


Unleash the dark secret behind the mysterious curse of the forgotten Egyptian King. You will have to put your lives at stake and gather enough proof with your team of archaeologists to uncover the identity of the forgotten Pharaoh.

You have 60 minutes on the clock and a mission to accomplish! If failed, you will be buried underneath the pharaoh’s curse.

Do you think you have what it takes? Find out today at Escape Games At The River.

Price: $35 per person

Players: 2-8


This challenge calls upon the players to detangle a murder mystery with a group of investigators. You will have to work along with your mates and get answers concerning the individuals of an irksome posse, Baker Street Five, and address a homicide secret. You have minimal time, or else their trail will turn cold forever.

Challenge your mental abilities with this bemusing escape game today!

Price: $35 per person

Players: 2-8


Escape Games At The River has gained extensive popularity in the past few years. Players around the globe significantly adore Their exuberant gaming platform. They offer not only mystifying escape room adventures but also deliver mobile game facilities. In the article mentioned above, we have carefully summarised all information about Escape Games At The River.

Undoubtedly, this escape room center is the perfect spot for rejuvenating yourselves along with your loved ones. So, put an end to all the second thoughts and get your tickets today.