If you have ever tried to choose the perfect gift card for one of your gamer friends, then you know how difficult the task can be. With so many companies and prices to choose from, picking the best card can even be a stressful event. Plus, there are so many things you should know about gift cards before you purchase them. Fortunately, online companies, such as WinderCard, are emerging to make choosing the right gift for your gamer friend less stressful. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect gift card when using these online stores.

Stick to Favorites

Pay attention to where your friend likes to get their games, their favorite console, and what they like to play so you can choose gift cards accordingly. For instance, if your friend has a PlayStation that they love, a gift card to X-box live would not be a good option. Remember, that your friend will be more likely to use and enjoy your gift if it is for a store that they already shop at.

Give a Usable Amount

Your friend should be able to use their gift card for something without having to chip in their own money. However, that does not mean you have to go over your budget to give them a lot of money. Instead, choose a card that they can use and enjoy, but sticks within your budget. For instance, if you only wish to spend $20 on a gift card, look for one to a store that doesn’t have big items. In this case, an iTunes card will be great and allow them to purchase movies, music, and podcasts. However, a $20 card to Amazon will probably not be usable and will not be as appreciated. If you want to get them a gift card for their favorite game, look at an online store like WinderCard to get an idea of how much is a usable amount for each one.

Make It Convenient

Gift cards to stores that are easily accessible tend to be the most used, so think about giving one that can be redeemed electronically. While in-person gaming stores used to be the best places to go for games, many people nowadays prefer to buy games from the comfort of their couch. Since this is the case, you should consider purchasing a gift card to Netflix or another company that allows cards to be redeemed conveniently from the couch. Online gift card shops, such as WinderCard, offer plenty of options that can be easily redeemed online, through the television, or over a game console.

Avoid Restrictions

Thanks to certain gift card laws, most cards will be valid for at least five years from their purchase date and should not have hidden fees associated with them if they are used right away. However, it is still important that you read the fine print on the card you choose to make sure that it discloses its fees and expiration dates. While picking one without fees or expiration date is always the best option, sometimes this cannot be avoided. If you decide on a card that has a fee or expiration date, make sure that you let your friend know so they can plan accordingly. Keep in mind that if you purchase a card through a shop like WinderCard, the company where the card can be used is the one who sets the restrictions, not the card shop.

Pick the Best Delivery Method

Technology has made it possible to deliver gift cards in almost any way you can imagine. You can use Facebook, email, text messages, and more to get your friend a present. But keep in mind that what is convenient for you might not be the best option for your friend. For example, if your friend is glued to their Facebook app, then one delivered through that platform is fine. However, if they don’t use their Facebook a whole lot but love their smartphone, a better choice might be to send them a card over text. Naturally, you can always email them a card if that is what they prefer.

Make It Personal

If giving a gift card does not feel personal enough for you, find ways to make the experience more personal. One way to do this is to add a little note with your card. For instance, if you got your friend a gift to Netflix, consider adding your favorite movie as a recommendation.

While no gift card is perfect for everyone, an online card shop like WinderCard is bound to have something that your gamer friend will enjoy. By sticking to their favorites, giving them a usable amount, making the card convenient, avoiding restrictions, picking a good delivery method, and making it personal, you are bound to give them a gift they will use and love.