Playing cards first captured the world’s imagination many centuries ago. Back then, the cards were not made by printing paper. Instead, these cards were made of more rare materials, such as tortoise shells, and decorated with gemstones – only members of the royalty could afford to play with these cards.

Over time, more basic designs were introduced, which allowed the common man to start playing with playing cards too. Then, the printing press was invented, which revolutionised the way paper was printed, and playing cards became more affordable and widespread than ever before.

However, for all the sentiments and memories attached with printed paper cards, one cannot deny that these cards have a very limited utility. For example, one cannot play unless other players are sitting in the same room. Further, if even one card from the deck gets damaged or lost, it spoils the entire game as no card game can be played properly without the complete deck.

Due to these, playing games like rummy online through websites or apps is a much better and more efficient way to play.

Having said that, even among all the card games that can be played online, it is rummy that is surely the smartest of all games. Here is why this is the case.

Rummy enhances cognitive and observation skills

Rummy is all about combining the cards in your hand into valid sequences or sets. This itself requires the players to have a logical and sharp mind. Further, one also needs to keep a tab on the opponent’s moves, such as the cards he picks up or discards. All of these elements of the game make rummy a great way to acquire cognitive and observation skills. It is no wonder that regular rummy players are among the sharpest people in the world.

Rummy keeps you entertained for longer

What do people do when they get bored? Some people watch movies, others listen to music, while still others play various games. However, one can only watch so many movies at a time, and any song, no matter how good, can only be listened to a certain number of times. After that, fatigue sets in and the movie or the songs no longer entertain. Even the games that one can play tend to be empty time wasters. You’re either shooting someone down, jumping over obstacles, or racing a car or a bike. All these do not require much strategic thinking and all the magic is in the buttons our fingers press. However, due to the highly strategic and tactical nature of rummy, one can play it for hours without getting bored.

Rummy can help you earn money

Cash rummy online is a new and interesting way to earn real cash by showcasing your rummy skills. With a small investment in the form of an entry fee, players get to compete in cash rummy games which generally have nice cash prizes. This adds a new dimension to the way people look at the game and gives us another reason to Play Rummy Game Online.

Rummy helps you make new friends

A lot of the Online Rummy Platforms have a live chat option which you can use to interact with your fellow players. One difference between befriending people on any social media and befriending people through online rummy is the fact that the former situation puts you in touch with like-minded individuals, and you do not add someone as a friend just because you like their photos.

Rummy keeps your grey cells ticking

As we grow older, we stop exercising our brain like we used to do as kids, and do not fully utilise its tremendous power. However, playing online rummy makes sure that our brain stays alert and active no matter what stage of our life we are at. An active mind is a healthy mind and online rummy helps with this for sure.